Dear John

Dear John,

I expected more from you. I am not entirely certain what more I expected, nor why I supposed that you would be truthful and open with me. Call it naiveté, call it ignorance, call it a case of self-delusion.

I think I’m going to go with self-delusion. That seems safest, and that way I only have myself to blame for the way that I am feeling now. In retrospect, the subtle signals and signs were all there. I chose to ignore them. Consciously.

I do not want this little note to become too sordid, so I will refrain from listing the lies I know you have told me. I won’t catalogue the countless tiny ways you have degraded me. I won’t relate the numerous cowardly patterns in your behaviour, that observation has led me to recognise.

I have been a fool. I will exit this little charade with what little dignity remains to me.

Thank you for your participation.

Be well.


(simply a writing exercise)

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