Be Like Water

Dear Brave Souls…

“Many of us have all our lives been toiling against a rock wall, trying to break through for justice’ sake, to flow through, instead of being ‘walled off’.

“Eventually even the most stalwart souls begin to question, ‘I can see now, in one lifetime, I cannot completely penetrate this stone.’

…”And we think then, maybe we ought go to the gates of the city and wrent our clothes, and then quietly retire from the universe.

“But open your eyes, Soul. See how far through those familiares, your human relatives who came in waves of misery and compassion before you… have already bored more than halfway through this stubborn rock.

“And know that though you may have a pick, a hammer, a chisel and dynamite, you have a greater tool yet, the same one your ancestors had… those who cared to stand small before that giant face of stone, defying its dominance by becoming a gentle and wild but relentless force.

“For exactly like all those who came before you, though you may prefer to be the blaster, in reality, the strength is in your being like them… waves of water.

“Each time you raise your voice to say justice and love to injustice and harm, those are weeks and years of waves. Every time you act, that creates more waves. Every time you think how to go, how to love and how to unleash, those are an infinite source of waves.

“In the world of soul, matters of freedom and justice are not measured by completion, but by progression.

“The soul, measures whether one has put themselves to the work of forward motion.

And “don’t make waves’ is one of the greatest cultural poisons ever known. It is an order not to challenge the stone that occludes, prevents, stands in the way of the best of the human spirit flowing through.

“Thus, we learn, bit by bit, to make ourselves into the best wave pattern possible… mastering over time, like the waves in Mother ocean, that inexorable backward turn to gather strength far out… and then rolling forward again in fullest power to face off with the rock once again.

“And believe this dear soul, despite any temporary disheartenment your far-back people felt about facing the granite wall…. they also thought, “Perhaps not in my time, but surely in some future time, this stone face will be breached.”

“And your far-back people kept going, bringing in the crashing and gentle tides of action and reaction… over and over, over and over again… doing the work that would precede yours, doing the work that anticipated that someday more great compassionate souls like you would be born. That you in all your vision and broken hearts would take the work forward.

“For they knew, as do you too deep in your soul, that over time, no matter how much time, but because of the laws of this earthly vale… that water alone, when it come in relentless waves, will utterly wear through stone.

“You can like the hammer, the pick, the chisel, the dynamite. But behind and beyond all those, our work … is to be the water, for water wears through stone.”

And with love,


“excerpted from “La Mystica, Book of Prayer,” by dr. cp estés


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