Wow, wow, fun & games here. I had to call the
fire dept. out to put out a veldt fire that was getting dangerously close to my house.

Bet they didn’t appreciate the 3am wake-up call!

It’s pretty scary when those flames are creeping closer & closer. I went outside to try to soak a “firebreak” line across the back field with the hosepipe. Of course, I got sopping wet, and of course it’s 7°C outside…


One thought on “Fire!

  1. (Veldt?)
    Just discovered this site – some great stuff

    I like ‘as vast as living without death,’ and the ‘I think’ on the end of ‘there is beauty in death’ that turns it from a woeful teenage rantage into something much more interesting (musicians get the easy job of expressing emotion… poetry probably ought to man up and interrogate it. Doubt is good).
    But ‘veldt’… can’t believe there’re some gothic vibes coming from Africa!

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