Sunday Shower



Sunlight wakes me, streaming bright and hot across the foot of my bed. Rolling over and sitting up, my head gives a warning throb of pain. I look around, sleep still crouching at the corners of my mind, and try to sequence the vague flashes of memory I have of the previous evening’s entertainment.

My eyes scan the room and I see male paraphernalia scattered here and there. A tie hangs over the arm of a chair, a watch, a money clip and a set of car keys lay on the bedside table. Smiling broadly, I turn and bury my face into the pillow beside mine, inhaling deeply of the male musk I find there.

Rising and going through to the bathroom, I quickly sit on the toilet, wincing as the cold porcelain shocks my naked ass. I finish and flush and then I grab my toothbrush and load it with pepperminty paste. Brushing with one hand, I reach over and turn on the taps of the shower with the other. A hot stream of water gushes out of the showerhead, and I smile to myself again. I finish brushing and then test the temperature of the water before stepping under the soothing spray… I stand there for a few moments, letting the warm water sluice down my body, easing the tension in my back and sending ripples of bliss through me.

I reach for the soap and begin lathering myself, building up a rich, slippery foam. As I am washing, I allow myself to linger on thoughts of last night…

…my back arched in orgasm, eyes shut tightly, and clutching with both hands to bring the man thrusting above me deeper, closer into me…

….my muscles stretched in taut pleasure as I straddle him, breasts swaying as I grind myself down onto him, into him, him clutching at my hips as he drives himself upwards into me…

The memories make my blood rush faster in my veins, and a pulse of desire throbs through me. I reach up to cup my breasts, slick with soap and water, and I gasp as my forefingers and thumbs close over my nipples, pinching them into tight furled buds. My one hand slithers down my body, over my stomach and down onto my pubic mound. I press in slightly, and the tip of my index finger slips down onto my clit. Gasping, I spread my legs a little further apart, and run my finger down my slit and back up again…

Suddenly feeling a cool breeze wash across my back, I open my eyes and look up from my reverie. He is standing there, his eyes sliding over my tits, my hips, my thighs. He sees I have noticed him, and smiles. Stammers out… “Uh, I made coffee.”

Smiling back in acknowledgement, I ask… “You want to shower too?”

He actually blushes… “Hmm, I’ll shower with you if that’s ok.”

I tilt my head and give him a sly smile, stepping back to allow him to slip into the shower beside me. He steps under the jet of water, sighing as he feels the same relaxing warmth run through him that I had, only moments ago.

I reach for him and slip my arms around him, my breasts pressing into his chest. Our mouths find each other and we kiss quick darts of our tongues into each other’s mouths. A greeting kiss. He wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer to him, and pushing himself against me. I feel his need, his presence, and another wave of lust rushes over me, weakening my knees and flooding my pussy. separating myself from our kiss, I reach for the soap and begin running it over his chest, having to reach up a little because of his height… as I move the soap up and down over his body, I follow it with my other hand… curling my fingers into the hair on his chest, and tweaking his nipples gently with my nails. I look up at him, and see in his eyes the same hunger I had seen last night. I make a show of rubbing the soap down over his hips, onto his thigh, scrupulously avoiding his groin. As I slip the soap over his thigh, I drop it. Looking up at him with a wicked smile, I mouth


I kneel down, keeping eye contact with him, and my hand curls around his rapidly hardening cock. He gasps and moans, his eyes closing for a second. In my hand, his cock throbs and twitches. I shift my gaze from his face to his cock, and move my mouth towards it. Kissing the velvety head lightly, I extend my tongue and run the tip of it along the vein pulsing on the underside. Then I move forward, and take the head into my mouth, allowing it to slip slowly between my lips, breathing out as I envelop it, licking gently at the slit with my tongue. Over and over again, I push his head in and out of my lips, my tongue flicking and wiggling all over the sensitive tip. He groans deeply and reaches down to twine his fingers into my wet hair, holding my head with restrained urgency.

Gripping the base of his cock with one hand, I bring the other up to cup his balls, and move my mouth further down onto his shaft, curling my tongue, wrapping it around him. Wrapping my lips around his pole, I slowly begin moving my mouth up and down over it, lapping at it, and taking more of his shaft into my mouth with each stroke. His cock is glistening wet, both from my saliva and from the rushing water of the shower. Pushing my head forward, I take all of him into my mouth, feeling his glans bump gently at the back of my throat. He utters a harsh moan, and presses my head forward, holding me his cock in my throat. I begin sucking gently, swishing my tongue along the underside of his cock, and swallowing, knowing that my throat muscles are clutching at his pulsing head. He cries out in pleasure, and I slowly withdraw, moving my mouth back up his shaft, wrapping my hand around it once more, milking him into my mouth. His hips begin to move involuntarily, and he thrusts his cock towards me in rhythm with my motions.

I let go of his cock, and grasp his buttocks, digging my fingers into the clenched muscles, and pulling his cock deeper into my mouth. He grunts and begins pushing my head forward with his hands, fucking himself in and out of my warm mouth. I feel the muscles in his buttocks clench tighter, and his cock jerks in my mouth… he throws his head back and his body tenses, his cock begins spurting jets of hot salty liquid deep into my throat, and he thrusts forward as his orgasm floods my mouth.. I swallow instinctively, wrapping my hand around his shaft again to milk every drop from him. I keep him in my mouth, my lips wrapped his shaft as his orgasm fades and his cock begins to soften.

He is standing with his palms flat against the shower wall, breathing heavily. He looks down at me and then reaches his hands to pull me up towards him. He is wrapping his arms around me and whispering wordlessly in my ear, his hot breath sending shivers through me.

In quiet contentment, we both finish washing and then turn off the by now cooling shower. We wrap ourselves in warm towels and make our way through to the bedroom again. The bed awaits us, rumpled and wrapped in bright shafts of sunshine….


6 thoughts on “Sunday Shower

  1. Delightful. I love that you started with the sunshine and closed with it… sometimes it is those details that really make the writing good.

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