Love’s Whispers

Submitted for Jingle’s Thursday Poets Rally Week

your words are kindling,
sparking fires in my heart.
speak to me, my love

my soul is a drum
played by your voice in my ear.
oh, such sweet music.

sigh for me again,
it echoes my own longing:
our hearts sing one song.


34 thoughts on “Love’s Whispers

  1. Thank you all.
    @Jingle – you are always so sweet, thank you!

    @THE BEATY and luisydomonique : This was actually an experiment with Haiku that somehow ended up being more than 3 separate Haiku! Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

  2. Lovely poem – the middle seem a little timid as I can feel much deeper movements underneath those words – the drum calls up more from the deep I think, but I’m placing myself in the picture here 😉

  3. Glad to see so many poets love your work,
    please visit them back to return the compliments…

    Happy Sunday!

    Let me know after you are done.

  4. This poem is so tender but it also evokes an underlying strength of will and identity. I especially liked the lines

    “my soul is a drum
    played by your voice in my ear”

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