Bravest of the Brave

All the people I like best are courageous. They swim in their creativity as if it were a bright, cool lake. Not for them, the tentative toe-dipping. They splash, and dive headlong into the deep, blue depths of creation, undaunted by disapproval.

These are the people with the ready, quicksilver laugh, the eyes that flash and glow with living. They are full to the brim, they cherish each moment, turning it over to find its sovereignty. They realise the importance of tiny things. They find wonder in the mundane, and recognise truth.

My favourite people are brave creators. Unafraid to let loose their wild spirit and send it swirling into new discovery. With determination they march into the unknown, sometimes with no light to guide them. Even though the darkness is vast, they explore, they discover and dig, and come away richer.

These are the people I love…
The dreamers, who gaze into their souls and sift hope from ashes. The poets and writers, who string the words of their joy and pain into golden verse. The artists who look with unique perspective at life and bring forth visions drenched in imagination. The singers, the musicians, who take the beat their hearts and lives create and give it voice, to ripple into reality. The freaks, the madmen and women, who are not afraid to live, hope, scream, cry.

You inspire me.


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