Meeting Rosa

I could smell her perfume each time the breeze brushed past her. It was lush; cinnamon, and vanilla, and the heady sweet smell of some exotic tropical flower. It seemed to me as if the air around the outside cafe where I sat was filled with it.

It was her perfume that made me notice her first. I thought to myself, that a woman had to have a soul of fire to wear such an intoxicating scent. I turned my head to see her, and she took my breath away.

There was no doubt that she was gorgeous, although not in the classic sense. Her body was all womanly curves, and shadowy hollows – not the angular and stark beauty that magazines deemed to be attractive. Although she was pale, her skin had a natural dusky sheen, which would tan to a rich golden caramel.

Her black hair hung to her shoulders, severely parted down the middle. It shimmered, catching and reflecting the light like a mirror.

I watched as she leaned forward to whisper something to her companion, her body moving with the languid grace of someone who is completely comfortable in their skin. My eyes settled on her mouth as she spoke. Her full lips, painted like bright berries, seemed to caress the words she uttered. Her deep cupid`s bow and slight over bite served to make her mouth fall naturally into a sensual pout.

My gaze strayed to her eyes. Heavy-lidded, and dark. She wore no eyeliner or mascara, she needed none. Long black lashes framed her eyes in shadow. She was alert, I watched her eyes as she surveyed the room, her gaze finally coming to rest on her companion`s face.

Sitting there, watching this captivating woman, I suddenly wanted more than anything to be a part of her world. I ached to see her in the early morning sunlight. I wanted to kiss her with sleep still tangled in her hair, watch her as she stood in the rain under the glow of a yellow street light. I wanted to hear her voice whispering in my ear.

As if she could feel my gaze stroking her like a soft caress, she turned her head towards me. There was an endless moment when our eyes met, and then she smiled and turned away, seeming to dismiss me.

I felt my pulse throb, a frisson of desire touched me, rippling in warm waves. Blushing, I looked away quickly, surprising myself with my reaction to her.

Signalling the waiter for my bill, I finished the last of my coffee. as I waited, my gaze inevitably strayed back to her, revelling in the grace of her, her sensuality, and the intoxicating effect she had on me.

When my bill arrived, I settled it and rose to leave, making my way past her table. She reached out her hand as I passed, brushing my arm lightly. I shivered at the contact, and looked down, my eyes meeting hers directly. She spoke.

“You were watching me.”

It was not a question. a simple statement which needed no explanation.

I nodded.

“I am Rosa.”

She pushed her hand forward on the white tablecloth, and edged a card towards me. I could see a number written on it, bold figures in red pen. I looked back into her eyes, seeing a flash of promise within their depths. I picked up the card.


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