Before you, collared, with bowed head,
in meek compliance to your will.
Bound by love and desire’s silken thread..
Strength in submission, a powerful thrill.

The secrets here behind my eyes,
I reverently submit all to you,
only wrap me in your loving binds
and there I shall remain subdued.

I sing to you as I am owned,
when you compel me to your will.
I offer the music of my moans
to your flawless artistry and skill.

I crave your sensual darkness,
as it brings me into glorious light,
and bound in soft rope harness,
my devoted soul takes flight.


2 thoughts on “sub-space

  1. Monica – I’m normally not a big one on rhyme scheme, but I really did like this. Perhaps it was the subject matter, but whatever it was – worked! The stanza with ‘Sing / Skill’ was my favorite.


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