Sapphic Love

Golden skin, warm and covered
with a downy fuzz – like a peach.
I run my nails down your arm
and watch as the tiny hairs
stand to attention on your goosebumps.

A ripple of need runs through you.
This game grows urgent, and you
more open with each minute of play.
But still I hesitate.

A moan, a sigh, escapes your
rose-red lips, your tongue
slipping out from between them
to catch the salty drops of
moisture collected at the
cleft of my breasts.

You raise your head, we lock
eyes and an electric current
of lust, and love, and adoration
passes between us in crackling silence.

Anticipation rocks us, an intimate
aching deep within. I tenderly
push you down towards the plump,
down-filled pillows, their crisp
covers not yet creased with the
evidence of our love.

You lay back, and close your eyes,
raven lashes lay gentle on your
cheek. Your breath comes faster now,
filled with the longing that lies
deep within the core of you.

I bow my head as if in prayer
and you gasp as you feel my breath
warm and moist, on the black hair
at the juncture of your thighs.

Slowly, almost fearfully my pink
tongue escapes my lips and makes
an exploratory journey – unerringly
finding the most sensitive part
of your cleft lips.

You cry out your pleasure with
a sound like the freedom of a
predator bird. Your legs slither
further apart, and I reach deeper
into you, tasting the briny moisture
which signals your arousal.

Your hands clutch at the
crisp sheets now, as if my worship
is unendurable, and you breathe
in hot moist pants, your chest
rising and falling as your lungs
struggle to cool the flames of our
passionate Sapphic union.

Release comes to you, coming in
crashing and rolling waves. Taking
control of flesh and muscle, rocking
rippling, spiralling and spasming
you, until with a moan that sounds
like a sigh, you give yourself over to it.

Afterwards, lying in our crumpled nest,
I see everything in vivid detail –

the hairs at the back of your neck
plastered to the skin there, and
a fine, shimmering sheen of perspiration
coating your smooth flesh, and even
the blood that engorged your nipples
flowing back along the veins in your breast
to run, cooling, to other parts of you.


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