words to the witch (for Monica)

The following is a beautiful poem gift, written for me by my dear friend, Paul Strappini. Thank you, Mr S. …*sigh* xxx

words to the witch (for Monica)

you have arcane knowledge
it travels in your words
triggers shivers in my spine
the wings of bees and birds
you have a darkling shadow
you project it with your will
it causes mischief by remote
though you’re remote and still
you have a million tendrils
the syllables you sow
they take root in the many minds
you smile and watch them grow
you have a winged familiar
it lands beneath my eaves
and drops a note of secrets
then darkly flapping leaves
you have a flask of tears
within it’s spell you live
you fill it with a precious drop
for every gift you give
I have no secret knowledge
no spells no velvet birds
but I send you the one gift I have
and hide it in these words


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