the sweet flickering flame of you
a constant throughout my days.
the first breath of awakening
and your name comes to my lips
unbidden and yet fittingly at home.
my thoughts as daylight hours spread
lay themselves around you, often
a silent, secret embrace that only i feel
and there is a tiny smile and ache inside me
where my heart’s slow mechanics
hold my body in life and you in love.
when night pulls her dark starry cloak
and sleeping silence settles in the world
still i find you there, lingering in dusk
in motion and stillness and memory.
in the twisted fluid fabric of my dreams
your face shimmers and smiles at me.
in that hazy subconscious landscape
three words and eight letters float
and i chant them, a magic mantra.
my dream voice daring to speak
what i fear to say in the tangible world
where lists and deadlines mark our days
and break them into productive bites.



3 thoughts on “indelible

  1. This is lovely and haunting and I much admire how you so effectively capture the feeling of that space between sleeping and waking where we turn ideas over in our heads and aren’t sure they’re real but still preferring them to the lists and deadlines. Your steady inhaling rhythm and so well chosen words working together to build that space. Excellent!

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