Song for a Samhain Lover

Tonight the distance between us is shortened
All that separates us, the thinnest veil of reality.
I know without thinking that the memories of you
replayed in my mind, will be enough to bring you here.

I recall the days of life we shared, your golden skin aglow
with the flush and thrust and joy of living,
I call forth again the smell of you in the morning,
and the taste of the rain on your cold 3 a.m lips,
on the night you could not leave me and go home.

I feel you again, stretching in the warm afterglow,
damp and spent with love’s reminders.
I see your smile and feel my own lift in response
to the sound of your off-key singing in the bath.

So, once again we meet, my Samhain Lover.
This night each year we touch each other’s hearts
once more.
And in the twilight of the dawn awaking whisper



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