Smashing warm hearts
across his frozen stone face
he likes to watch them
trickle and drip
in bright red rivulets.
He is immovable rock
solid and unaffected
but he restlessly churns
their deep currents.
No matter how lovingly
the waves of feeling
wash up against him
he is forever uneroded
hard cold stone.
He stands alone
in a sea of emotion
a stoic monolith.
She weeps over him
but even tears of love
hold no secret power
to warm and melt him.



6 thoughts on “monolith

  1. I so admire how your words rhythmically match your stony subject matter and the pathos you bring the situation you’ve observed. Also, the vibrancy of your words makes the monolithic man that much more remote and it reads like passionately poetic journalism. Brilliant, my friend!

  2. How are you?
    come to poets rally if you wish, I have more than 1000 poets going through the rally during the year of 2010-2011, hard to put you on top list unless you stay active and join the rally often,
    your input to poets rally is valued and cherished as always, your work inspires and keeps us going….
    do love your talent a lot, and wish to have you around.
    bless your day.

    keep inspiring.
    Hope to see you in.


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