Our dawns are different, yours and mine.
The difference lies, I think,
in my wide open country
and your crowded city sky.
Mine drips slow over the horizon
in gentle peach, pastel pink, yellow.
Yours, splashes noisily in riot of hue,
Slashing crimson, orange, fuschia, vibrant.
Reminding me once again
of how distant our two lives,
and how faraway my gaze
when i think about
looking into your eyes.



6 thoughts on “divide

  1. As always, your words are beautifully chosen and paint a very moving picture of different worlds drawn together through your gaze; the rhythm of your words beautifully supports the color changes in the two dawn skies unfurling. And, whilst I do see the sadness in your words, something in your lovely poem also says to this reader that this distance won’t always be the case.

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