each cold time you pull away
the pale quiet stretches out
and it is deeper, more difficult
to find you once again
to connect at that point
of precise perfection
that seemed to be so easy
to reach, so many times before.
we are constantly redefined
and i feel i have never known
what it is you want, or don’t.
i have only thin and frail offerings
and i don’t really know
where we go from here
whether our paths converge
or divergent, we must now part
fading into the still silence
of uncomfortable words unsaid
and the memories that remain
without the bitterness of regret
yet still carry the sharp sting
of profound loss and emptiness.



7 thoughts on “dissipation

  1. I so completely love how you use language so concisely, but trap so much emotion on your direct words. This is difficult on a happy subject, and I think even more difficult on sad subject like this. The sadness in your words is wrapped in awareness and intelligence, which don’t bury the emotions, but rather illumine them more brightly. An extremely affecting poem, My darling!

  2. I have read two of your poems. I like them. They seem like outpourings to a loved one. That’s good.This poem is consistent, so it has that going for it. Really it is a very concise statement, without any real resolution. I get the feeling the person speaking in this poem knows what is going on, or will figure it out eventually, and go on with her life. She is obviously seeking something that she is either not getting or not going to get from the person being addressed. He is cold, and she is warm. You have this voice perfected pretty well. I’d like to see you attempt other things. Check out my new poem if you feel like it. 🙂

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