Labyrinth Dreams

Labyrinth dreams
paths lit by moonlight
and a silver pendant
at the pulse in my throat
in the curved blade shape
of a willow leaf.
Wicked crimson smiles
shining with promise
a flash of tongue
licking my blood
from a sharp white tooth
in payment for truth
and a stranger’s palm
cupped to my lips
holding a prophecy
heady as wine.
In the centre of a moment
a waxing moon dripping
silver shards of reflection
in the single drifting ripple
on a midnight pool of secrets.
All around me, falling fences
the quiet laying down
of all my small defences
and a heavy dark magic
sweeping through the night
i stand with outstretched arms
alone in a field of white.



4 thoughts on “Labyrinth Dreams

  1. A silent sigh escapes my lips…it is all I can muster without allowing a flood of emotion to tumble uncontrollably from eyes……

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