i thought i saw some shining truth inside you
Some secret that you longed for me to share
You looked away for just one moment
And looking back, you had buried it again

The crystal gates we danced towards now crumble
The violet cosmic light scattered into lonely stars
Our sacred joy now fed into some fierce machine
With the roaring and smoke of smothered hope
That drowns out the light of who We Are
Shining dreams once our souls’ sweet blessing
Lie dulling along paths we no longer tread together

Though we know well that fate is ever changing
And changing tides and seasons bring new life
Time and change both softly weaken promises
Until all it takes to break them is a soft goodbye.



3 thoughts on “Godspeed

  1. This is so well constructed, flowing beautifully to the inevitable conclusion. Not a word is out of place. “The crystal gates we danced towards” is a superb image.

  2. Dear Monica
    [Do I have the correct name for you?]
    Oh my, oh my – You are talented!
    Your micro-poems on Twitter stopped me in my tracks! I so appreciate your fresh phrases like – a ‘soft goodbye’ – I just know that I want to take in more of your work.
    I am a former South African living in Vancouver. I work as an Integral Life Coach and I support people to find their voice – which you clearly have done through your poetry.
    May I interview you on Skype?
    My Twitter connection is @debrossouw – so you can check out that
    I am legit; and you’ll find a link to my website in my Twitter profile, if you care to follow up with me.
    With blessings and gratitude

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