Brevity is the soul…

i have always loved writing. For as long as i can remember i have expressed myself emotionally in the written word. i love words. The way they dance and shine in imagination, conjuring worlds and lives, and building dreams and visions is magical to me.

Poetry is a natural expression to me. It never feels forced. i love having the ability to express myself in lyrical words, symbolism and metaphor. It seems to me, a far freer method of expression than prose. i have never loved poetry more since discovering the micro and short-form poetry on Twitter.

i have fallen in love with brevity. The challenge of expressing so much emotion and creating as vivid a word image as possible, within a 140 character limit, has given me greater respect for words. Being able to use words as arrows, to pierce the heart of the reader is both a privilege and a test for me.

Personally, i find that emotive thought is not all that difficult to express within the structure of an ode or sonnet, or any traditional long and free form poetry structure. There is ample scope to explain and expose symbolism and explore meaning. It is much more difficult to carry across a strong emotional punch within the confines of short-form poetry, where every word, breath and punctuation mark is vital to meaning.

This succinct poetry style forces the writer to weigh each word and pause for depth and meaning, to carve each thought from the heart, to place each syllable exactly to give it the most substance.

In turn, the brevity and weight of short-form poems allows the reader to identify more personally with each fragment of verse. Since metaphors and symbols are individually identified in different ways for each of us.

My goal in writing is only to make the reader feel. What and within what context they feel is up to them.

Thank you for feeling my words #sixwords




3 thoughts on “Brevity is the soul…

  1. Everything I’ve seen so far is wonderful. Clean, flowing, and easy to relate to.

    “…to carve each thought from the heart” Yeah, that.

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