I draw down the moon
braiding silver along the seams of darkness
black velvet to cradle the crystal dreams
that spin eternal mystery around my soul.
Night opens up and reveals her arcane secrets,
windows that open onto strange landscapes
and I walk the pathways of the mind’s labyrinth.
I invoke the sovereign Guardians of my heart
to bring the blessings, one by one
of blood and breath and the sacred chant of life.
Calls of power spun into the endless heavens
and the seed of stars planted in the depths of my being.
The sacred journey marked by cairns of things I left behind,
mythic memory and countless signs in the sky
that crystallize and clarify, shifting into sharper focus.
Knowledge burning bright as a candle flame,
elemental fire that brings new life and purifies.


2 thoughts on “Ritual

  1. Beautiful and spiritual. Love especially the opening night, the pathways of the mind’s labyrinth, the seed of stars.

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