Friday Flash – Doll’s House

Tracy had a power. She had discovered it two weeks ago while playing with her dolls. Only she hadn’t realised it then. If only she had.

She was playing families, with the beautiful doll’s house her parents had bought her for Christmas, moving the little detailed dolls around the house, and using a different voice for each one. She made the pretty mommy doll bring the little girl doll some cookies and a glass of milk. A few moments later her mommy had come into her room, smiling as she carried a plate of Tracy’s favourite cookies and a glass of ice-cold milk.

A few days later, it happened again. Playing happily in her room, Tracy made the daddy doll come home from work early. Stopping the little blue plastic car in the driveway, she had walked him up to the door, pushing it open, and using her best daddy voice, she made him say,
“Hellooo, family, Daddy’s home,” as he entered the doll’s house. Downstairs, her own daddy called out the same words, having taken the afternoon off to spend it with his family.

The third time it happened, was when Tracy finally discovered the horror of her doll’s house games. She had spent the afternoon playing happily, creating a happy, busy family, borne of her innocent six year old imagination. She decided that the baby doll needed a bath, and so she pretended to fill the little tub in her imaginary world, and carefully placed the doll into it. Just then, her mommy had called her down to have lunch. Excited because today was a Wednesday and mommy always made her favourite lunch on Wednesdays: scrambled eggs with cut up hot dogs in them, she forgot all about her game, and ran downstairs.

It was only later, when the paramedics wheeled the tiny sheet-covered body of her baby sister out, past her sobbing mother, that Tracy finally realised the terrible power of her games. The little girl was just starting to learn to walk. Tracy’s mom had forgotten to let the water out of the tub after bathing her and putting her down for her nap. Her baby sister had climbed out of her crib, and with the curiosity of a newly walking toddler, had made her way into the bathroom…

Upstairs, Tracy’s baby doll still lay in the tiny bathtub of her beautiful new dolls house.


2 thoughts on “Friday Flash – Doll’s House

  1. Ohhh SMACK! That’s a great short story! You can never go wrong with paranormal kids and dolls! You raise so many questions: was Tracy a girl with strange powers? Were her doll house and/or dolls cursed or haunted? I love it! This would make a fabulous 30 minute Twilight Zone episode! I would love to read it if you expand this into longer form. Well done Monica!

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