what if you looked at me
like you did the first time
and saw me, full of mystery
and wonder?

we can’t go back to that place.
i am commonplace now.
and you know my smile
and my moods.
i am no longer new
i am just
the girl who loves you.
and you are the man
who finds no more fascination
in me, than
in a well-read newspaper.

i am not that creature
of unknown depth, anymore.
and now that you know me
your love has turned to ash,
like a fire burned too long,
like a burnt out match.

and even though i am still that girl,
you no longer see me
wrapped in enigma and experience.
and even though i still
have stories to tell
you think you have seen
all of me.
so your eyes turn
to someone new,
and you leave me
with all this unexpressed
love for you
still burning within me.


5 thoughts on “ashes

  1. Moving! So real, so vulnerable, so hurt… If the ‘you’ that you refer to in this poem read this, I wonder if it would touch them to realize the clarity and depth of the one who feels unseen, invisible and yet still loves?

  2. There is a mystery at the heart of the other. We are either open to that, or we are not. We make that decision. There’s great sadness when a person in whom one hopes declines the invitation to be open to the fulness of who we are, refuses the adventure of encountering our inmost depths.

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