Devil In Disguise

You’re the Devil in disguise,
Seducing me sublimely…
Promising darkness with smiles,
Teasing me with shadowed eyes.

You’re the Devil in disguise,
Beguiling me discreetly…
Tempting me with velvet lies,
Coaxing in me hungry sighs.

You’re the Devil in disguise,
Flattering me completely…
Offering my heart’s desire.
I’ve succumbed to your delights.



our desire leapt up,
caught us unawares.
a dynamic living thing,
stealing our breath,
with it’s fierce fire.
a look in your eye or mine
fanning a flame
we thought we could ignore.


Clarity of thought.
I crave you.
Yearning in my soul’s deep core
I breathe you,
Stumbling over your sweet memory
I recall:
The night we shared one kiss.
So that it seemed as two.
I want
So much more than this.
What is allowed,
Is not a shadow of desire.
What is allowed,
Will never sate my hunger.
Slake my thirst.
Allow me
One final look in your eyes.
Allow me
One last taste of your spirit.


I am broken-hearted,
feel discarded,
feel unwanted and disregarded.
But suddenly
in a moment of perfect clarity,
my soul opens, and I see:
What we want
is a private hope,
a personal flame of desire,
and what we want
may be the water
that quenches someone else’s fire.