There are moments when
the love I dream you have for me
seems to shine through, in
the few simple words we share.

Perhaps only dappled imagination,
or some confounding biological explanation.

Yet still, it stirs the deep well of emotion
so that my heart leaps, and hope
springs eternal, optimistic,
whenever you glance my way.


Miss You

I dreamed about you last night.
You set me alight:
Your mouth left white-hot kisses on my lips,
Your hands trailed fire over my skin,
Your eyes burned their desire into my soul.

I awoke to find myself alone
With the grey ash of longing
Drifting over my heart…


He visits me in the velvet night,
sliding his warm caress across my dreams,
breathing his promises in my ear.
I feign sleep though my breathing quickens.
His gentle probing into my intimate mind
makes my blood run to fire.
Running his nail along my skin,
tiny sparks of electricity enliven me –
making my body ripple with need,
it’s intensity escaping as a sigh.
His mouth on mine, cold with the night
floods me with incandescent passion.
I turn to him, alive, alight.
He takes me, makes of me a sacrifice
to rapture and blazing desires.
He offers me, a willing victim
to the shameless burning in both our eyes.