if all things must end
then let this, too
be the end of me.
rather than live
always echoing,
echoing sadness
in a hollow husk.
rather than walk,
numb, along a shore
where hope is set afloat
upon a midwinter sea,
to find its own way home.
where love is mere memory
scrawled in sand.

let me lay down
amongst bitter grey ashes
where truth and promises burned,
let me lay down
and close my eyes
that no longer see your smile
let me lay down
with my tired heart
cobwebbed with cracks
and dream, and wish
for just a single day
without this emptiness.


Bitter Reflection

The memory of you
Brings back the bitter taste of my panic:
Blood-metallic on my tongue,
And aching in my soul.

The reminders of you
Bring back the echoing loneliness.
Empty  in it’s agony.
And vast as living without death.

The Wild

I once loved a man
with a Wolf in his eyes.
He was born to the wild,
independence was his deliverance.
Restless –  even in slumber,
his soul perpetually wandering.
I could never hold him
with my solid and sure existence,
with my comforts and closets.
When I clutched too tightly
he turned, snarling,
frantic as thoughts of escape
clawed at his fierce, free heart.
Biting with his kisses,
bruising with his touch.
But then, in the voice of severed ties,
he reassured me, softly and sweetly –
while all the time in his wild eyes
freedom burned and flickered.


this melancholy madness,
flowing down around me.
moments of deepest blue
cold, cutting, and true.

a selfish sadness
drawing me down into myself.
solitude and imperfection,
no apologies and no deception.


Wow, wow, fun & games here. I had to call the
fire dept. out to put out a veldt fire that was getting dangerously close to my house.

Bet they didn’t appreciate the 3am wake-up call!

It’s pretty scary when those flames are creeping closer & closer. I went outside to try to soak a “firebreak” line across the back field with the hosepipe. Of course, I got sopping wet, and of course it’s 7°C outside…