if all things must end
then let this, too
be the end of me.
rather than live
always echoing,
echoing sadness
in a hollow husk.
rather than walk,
numb, along a shore
where hope is set afloat
upon a midwinter sea,
to find its own way home.
where love is mere memory
scrawled in sand.

let me lay down
amongst bitter grey ashes
where truth and promises burned,
let me lay down
and close my eyes
that no longer see your smile
let me lay down
with my tired heart
cobwebbed with cracks
and dream, and wish
for just a single day
without this emptiness.




i sing to the moon
the deep, sharp songs
my heart cannot contain.
she whispers back
that only a fool
would seek poetry and magic
in her stark, cold light.

i am a fool then,
my eyes always bright
for the twinkle
of a faraway star.
my heart ever listening
for the echo of a song
just like mine.

i am a fool
finding beauty in darkness.
in the soft quiet night
my breath makes clouds
and the sparkle of frost
in her icy light
makes diamonds of weeds.

i am just a fool
and the moon whispers
that my foolish heart
only finds its way home
in her crystal light.


there are glimpses of insight
that never leave you anything
but cold,
to the depths of your soul.
like flesh shaved off bone.

a turn of phrase,
that echoes with a sinister sound.
a flat, greyscale reflection
in the eye of someone
to whom you are invisible.
the brittle silver steel
and bright empty stare
of a treacherous smile.
they remain inside you
these moments of ice,
those triggers,
those fears,
that you don’t
and forget.

Lovely Awards

Thank you so much to Jingle, and Imagina who bestowed these lovely awards on me! I am very honoured!

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Dark Muse

stir the poetry in me.
make the words flow.
Eclipse me with your
Shadow side.

I walk in darkness,
Explore the night.
Dreaming serpents.
Battling for light.

stir the shadows in me.
make the fear grow.
Destroy me with your
Shallow lies.

I walk in darkness,
Explore the night.
Dreaming bloodshed.
But losing the fight.